Adaptive learning for automated tracking and analysis

By utilizing adaptive learning and pattern recognition technology to eliminate the need for manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis, PenRad’s AutoReader saves time, resources and money.

Radiologists continue to transcribe narrative reports while PenAutoReader automatically extracts exam information. Important information such as exam type, letter type, recall interval and BI-RADS are automatically extracted and stored for MQSA audit, tracking, statistics and unresolved case report generation.

Features and Benefits

  • Automation of data input for tracking and statistical analysis
  • Improved economics with time, resources and cost savings
  • Increased flexibility with data extraction by customizing to each radiologist and by exam type
  • Ability to process breast imaging exams including mammography, ultrasound, MRI, BSGI, stereotactic bx, US bx, MRI bx, Scintimammography bx, cryoablation, brachy, FNA, aspiration, localization, sentinel node and specimen imaging
  • Crystal reports for statistical MQSA report generation, practice management, data mining and export

AutoReader Demo Video

PenTrac with AutoReader Demo Video

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