PenRad’s Software Applications Are Available on Our Hosted Azure Ecosystem

PenRad web hosted applications run on ClearDATA’s managed Azure platform with HITRUST Certification.

ClearDATA’s ecosystem services include:
Geo-redundant fail-safe operation, secure communication with TLS 1.2 enforced encryption, 35 consecutive day backups, and more.

Hosted platform has all the essentials and more:
Multifactor authentication, dynamic enterprise-wide power scaling, direct connect support, adding new services quickly, all while removing local network latency.

The move to Azure eliminates purchase and maintenance of operating system software and hardware. What is more, this move will simplify your operations and allow you to get the most out of your PenRad ecosystem.

PenRad is committed to facilitating clients move the Cloud, streamlining their operations, reducing costs, increasing patient satisfaction, increasing revenue.


Second to None Web Security, Application Uptime, Performance.

PenRad chose ClearDATA as it is the HITRUST Certified Leader in Cloud Security and HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare. ClearDATA incorporates the latest requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, GxP and other laws around the world. This partnership reinforces PenRad’s commitment to security and maintenance of a high-availability product deployment.

ClearDATA is a Healthcare specific Cloud Security Platform and Healthcare Managed Service Provider.

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