Four Things Happen when Imaging Centers Utilize Digital Patient Engagement

Consumers are accustomed to using their mobile devices and digital communication for everyday activities such as buying goods, attending virtual meetings, entertainment and even ordering food.  Healthcare consumers are no different.  In a recent study by Dynex1 which surveyed 1000 adults over 18 years of age, researchers found 80% of patients prefer electronic communication with [...]

PenRad is Your Most Trusted Mammography Analytics Partner. PenRad is Your Most Trusted Business Partner.

While it is well established PenRad provides the most trusted products available to manage the quality, workflow, analytics, and patient engagement in women’s imaging, did you know PenRad is also looking out for the health of its client’s business?  Managing the health of a patient is the primary goal of any physicians group or diagnostic [...]

Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancers in Women’s Imaging. Now is the Time.

In the 1990’s when BRCA1 and BRCA2 were found to be associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer, getting patients tested for these genetic mutations was difficult.  The thought of widespread testing of patients represented a nearly insurmountable challenge for a multitude of reasons.  Since that time genetic testing has become much more [...]

A Reminder for LDCT Lung Cancer Screening Programs to Continue Scheduling Follow-up Exams

A REMINDER FOR LDCT LUNG CANCER SCREENING PROGRAMS TO CONTINUE SCHEDULING FOLLOW-UP EXAMS A December 2020 study published by the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, demonstrated just how important follow up is to getting patients scheduled for their regular screening exams.  During the COVID-19 pandemic lung cancer screening rates dropped by almost 75% […]

A Review of PenRad Technologies Mammography Analytics Platform. More than Analytics, it’s an Effective Marketing Platform as well.

A REVIEW OF PENRAD TECHNOLOGIES MAMMOGRAPHY ANALYTICS PLATFORM. MORE THAN ANALYTICS, IT’S AN EFFECTIVE MARKETING PLATFORM AS WELL. In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 was responsible for the postponement of thousands of routine mammograms.  According to a recent study in Cancer, (Fedewa et al), examination of data from 32 community health centers in the United […]

Patient Recruitment, Retention and Safety at Women’s Imaging Centers During and After a Global Pandemic

PATIENT RECRUITMENT, RENTENTION AND SAFETY AT WOMEN’S IMAGING CENTERS DURING AND AFTER A GLOBAL PANDEMIC   2020 significantly disrupted everyday life in the US and abroad.  With the passing and resurgence and passing again of the COVID-19 virus and related variants, businesses around the world have struggled to stay afloat and women’s imaging centers have […]

Removing Barriers to Low Dose CT Lung Screening Programs

REMOVING BARRIERS TO LOW DOSE CT LUNG SCREENING PROGRAMS   According to a recent article “Imaging Administrators: The Overlooked Barrier to Lung Cancer Screening Implementation”, Buehler,, July 8, 2021, LDCT screening may just need to get a bit more support from those who are responsible for its practical implementation; Imaging Directors. Researchers performing the […]

Making the move from an incumbent mammography analytics provider to PenRad

MAKING THE MOVE FROM AN INCUMBENT MAMMOGRAPHY ANALYTICS PROVIDER TO PENRAD   Making the move from an incumbent mammography analytics provider to PenRad. From time to time a women’s imaging provider becomes frustrated with their existing analytics and workflow software prompting a change in direction. The reasons for this change can be wide-ranging and variable […]

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