High-Risk Breast Clinic Platform

PenRad’s High-Risk Breast Clinic module offers a comprehensive solution for patients and clinicians. Automated breast cancer risk assessment, genetic testing eligibility, insurance authorization, patient education, data management and more, all part of the offering.


Enhance Your Service

Add High-Risk and Genetics to Enhance Your Service with no Increase in Staffing

PenRad’s High-Risk Breast Clinic module enhances client revenue and patient satisfaction. The module automatically computes breast cancer values factoring in breast density, and the seven types of patient and relatives’ cancer incidence, plus BRCA findings. This module creates new opportunities for advanced breast imaging. Genetic testing is the ultimate risk identifier, factoring in multiple cancer types; for patients, their relatives and for generations to come.

PenRad’s High-Risk Breast Clinic module provides a marketing differentiator in your community, creating the opportunity to recruit the patient’s whole family and multiple generations to your clinic for services.

The Tyrer Cuzick algorithm automatically references a patient’s breast density, patient and familial breast and ovarian cancer history and BRCA findings to calculate the breast cancer risk value.

The genetic testing eligibility algorithms automatically compute eligibility based on 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree relatives with BRCA 1/2 and/or cancer histories of breast, colon, endometrial, NNN, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate cancers.

Automate Identification

Identification of High-Risk Patients is Just the Beginning

PenRad automates the identification of patients at high risk and dissemination of the data to the appropriate personnel.

Administrative Reports: Mine your existing patient data for those at high-risk, possible BRCA testing, track patient status, and provide a vehicle for requesting more information for genetic testing.

Patient Intake: Send patients a web link with the exam reminder to offer a pre-check in option, allowing patient to update their medical and risk factors, and other forms, view exam videos to reduce anxiety and answer questions, all in the comfort of their home. Minimizes front desk staffing, waiting room overcrowding, and data entry for all, with PenXpress and PenForms.

Now know in advance, before patient’s arrival, current breast cancer risk value for imaging resource planning and genetic testing eligibility.

Referring Physician Notification: Automatically provide breast cancer risk scores and genetic testing eligibility as applicable in narrative report, provide guidelines for additional exams based on risk factors.

Optimize Insurance Pre-authorization: Automatically create documents that include high-risk data for approval of advanced imaging procedures, and genetic testing eligibility.

Optimize Workflow

Optimize Workflow and Patient Support with PenRad High-Risk

Prior to a patient’s appointment (or as population survey), send patients a web link via PenXpress to complete or update their medical and risk information.

Should patients opt to complete their risk survey or update their genetic testing eligibility in the clinic, they can use clinic provided tablet or their personal device.

As a survey is completed, automatic messaging about computed breast cancer risk scores and genetic testing eligibility (if applicable) is available.

Instantly know a patient’s breast cancer risk values (Tyrer Cuzick w/density factoring) and genetic testing eligibility.

Are you updating patient medical and risk data manually during imaging or interview process?

  1. Automate updates with tablets in the clinic as “smart paper” forms, collect consent, present educational videos, and more.
  2. Go beyond tablets with PenXpress; patients update their background and risk factors at home via a secure web link.

Are you manually factoring breast density values?

  • Density value is initially inherited from last exam.
  • Optionally have density value automatically updated during current exam with 3rd party algorithms.
  • Radiologist approved density change automatically refreshes Tyrer Cuzick calculations.
  • Final report risk values based on radiologist approved density value.
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