• "Our team has come to rely on PenRad MIS every day. "The system has taken us from extremely cumbersome and manual processes that cost us time and money to an efficient, standardized workflow. PenRad delivers fast, reliable customer support, which is critical with a high-volume women's imaging program."

    Mary Nicholson, MD Munster Radiology Group, Munster, Indiana
  • "Since integrating PenRad MIS over 6 years ago, our team has come to rely on the system everyday for improved efficiency, standardization and quality in reporting, tracking and management of clinical data. In my opinion, PenRad MIS is the standard. PenRad continually delivers best in class technology, while always keeping users highly satisfied."

    Robin Shermis, MD The Toledo Hospital, Toledo, OH
  • "Before PenTrac we did everything manually. Manual analysis vs. PenTrac? Absolutely no question! We just love PenTrac. It makes our mission for better patient care a breeze. PenTrac compiles our data and makes our jobs very efficient."

    Angie, Shirlann, Nancy and Deborah - RT(R)(M)s Tallahassee Primary Care, Tallahassee, FL
  • "I have been working with my company since 2005. Since that time, PenRad’s customer support has been the most exemplary of any company in my career. They are knowledgeable, personal, and dedicated. Add to that a product that continues to improve. I recommend this company and their products."

    Tony Teri, Radiology I.S. Manager Barnabas Health, Livingston, NJ

At PenRad, we know that our customers are our greatest asset. We’re grateful to know that the feeling is mutual.

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