According to our interpretation of the new law, PenRad has taken the following steps to comply with the HIPAA regulations:

  1. PenRad has enhanced it’s mammography information system software to comply with published specifications as of August 13, 2002 by adding pass-codes, with time intervals and an audit trail of patient record access.
  2. PenRad has instituted internal office procedures for handling private patient information. Under the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), our employee’s acknowledge that any and all patient information received from a hospital or clinic is private, and will be protected and kept confidential. Any patient data received electronically, through the mail, or by fax, will be used solely for the purposes of maintaining a customer’s database and/or assisting them with any questions arising from their use of the PenRad Mammography Information System. Patient data made available by a hospital or clinic, will only be used by PenRad employees that require access to it in the performance of their jobs. Once hardcopy patient data has been used, it will be destroyed or blacked out when it is no longer required, while any electronic files will be deleted.

PenRad HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (requires Acrobat Reader)

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