PenLung and COVID19 Tracking

PenLung offers facilities a comprehensive unified software solution to manage patients participating in lung screening programs. This system also provides automated web and tablet calculators to collect smoking and environmental risk history for patient eligibility, along with the facility’s LungRADS™ reporting combinations, which in turn automates the entire reporting, auditing and lung cancer screening registry upload.

PenLung also has extensive tracking elements for lung imaging including those diagnostic elements introduced by COVID-19.


PenLung can be expanded to reduce operating costs, patient anxiety, and compliance risk by using our PenConnect system to provide an instant result and reminder notification by email. This feature pays for your complete automated reporting system and more.


Now your patients can update their information with simple prompts in a “yes” or “no” format that validates their personal and historical data. No more pencils, pens, history forms or recycling bins are needed with PenForms.


PenRad’s AutoReader saves time, resources and money by utilizing adaptive learning and pattern recognition technology to eliminate the need of manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis.

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