Through our partnership with Natera, we are able to incorporate their Empower Hereditary Cancer Test into the PenRad platform.  This partnership represents a significant step forward in our efforts to identify those at risk of developing breast cancer, and to offer a high-quality genetic testing option.

Here is how it works:

  1. Enter patient health history and insurance information into PenRad.
  2. PenRad will flag patients that meet medical guidelines for hereditary cancer testing. Most of these patients will have no out-of-pocket cost, and patients without adequate insurance can opt for an affordable price of $249.
  3. Print the pre-populated Natera test requisition form from PenRad.
  4. Collect testing specimen (either blood or saliva) from the patient.
  5. Return the specimen and the test requisition form to Natera in the yellow FedEx envelope provided by your representative.
  6. Patients are notified when their specimen is received and when results are ready to be viewed.
  7. Natera offers post-test genetic information sessions for patients with board-certified genetic counselors.

To learn more, contact PenRad: | 763.475.3388

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