Schedule and capture patient information at any time within your network

The Nurse Navigator workbook for PenRad, PenTrac and PenLung optimizes productivity while enhancing patient care through the tracking, recording, and planning of the patient’s journey. As additional evaluation is required, facilities are able to record and track the sequential progression of each procedure or event for the patient’s journey, ranging from; additional imaging, to biopsy, to cancer board, to various therapies, to surgery and reconstruction.

For facilities offering Genetic consulting or arranging, the Nurse Navigator workbook also assists in the process. PenRad’s rich patient medical and risk system collects family cancer history, and automatically computes genetic testing eligibility with multiple models, optimizing the clinician’s time.

Nurse Navigator also facilitates the capture of the scheduled and completed dates of:
• Patient’s medical and supporting contacts information
• Each patient event
• The providing party and outcome

The workbook progression documentation can be shared with the various parties involved. This allows others to respond to requests when the Navigator is not present.


The Nurse Navigator workbook facilitates attaching documents and files to the patient, for example; cancer board, procedures conducted outside of the imaging center, lab reports during treatment.

Navigator’s worklist offers reminder schedules and task completion lists for patients. This allows immediate review by day and/or week outlook, optimizing navigators time. Also, quick access is provided to the patient folder with a simple right click to document progress, for example; post biopsy follow-up for possible complications

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