There is no other platform in the market

With PenRad, PenCare is the foundation for what PenRad represents in every way. PenRad is not reducing costs by reducing human interaction and limiting support like other technology companies. PenCare will not delay the solution you seek. PenRad’s value proposition is a personal approach that is responsive, educational, structured, and develops dedicated and well-trained individuals as good listeners, strong collaborators that will not fail you. Our proactive approach is designed specifically for leveraging best practices, using the Smarter Rules.

PenRad continues its promise, with meeting your needs by taking pride in our brand and staying committed to you:

  • Software platform enhancements
  • Regulatory updates
  • Industry information
  • Software training
  • Patient needs support
  • Structured report generation
  • Letter template support and more

PenRad’s Perpetual Strong List Of Benefits

With PenCare, there’s no additional cost and it does not stop there.

Expanded Hours for Support 24/7/365:

We are here for you when you need us

Reduce customer staffing needs:

Save hard and soft costs while increasing efficiency

Leverage Best Practices:

We have facilities across the country, let us help find a better way

Support Troubleshooting:

We do this every day, give us the responsibility to serve and solve

Provide Enhanced Services:

Additional needs, we support you above and beyond

Provide Industry Knowledge:

Deep roots grow strong vibrant things, we have very deep roots

Custom Solutions:

Creative concepts for the creative minds that need create solutions

Personal Human Interaction:

People driving results, not systems generating issue records

Strong Listeners:

We know how to listen, hear and understand you

Strong Problem Solvers:

Our teams are creative software and solution providers

Process Orientated:

Measurable results you can count on and hold us accountable for

Increased Collaboration:

Listening is half the requirement, collaboration is the relationship

Enhanced Security:

We understand your needs, we are committed for the long haul

HIPAA Compliant:

Meeting the demands beyond regulations, we train and manage for the threat

CRM – Salesforce enterprise:

Portal and case process intelligence for the best case scenario outcome

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