Automatic retrieval and distribution of images to workstations/PACs

PenFetch automatically transfers images in advance directly to workstations or PACs to eliminate staff wait-time for images to appear. PenFetch automatically processes after-hours, before patient arrives, and/or processes walk-ins immediately.


Why PreFetch with PenFetch? Save time and money.

When the Radiologist opens a study to read, and the relevant prior images are not available, they have to wait while the images are retrieved from the PACS to the workstation. This wastes time and network resources, thus slowing down report turnaround time. Time is also wasted in the imaging room while the Technologists wait for priors to appear for review on their imaging workstations. Many facilities spend time and money on staff to manually look-up tomorrow’s patients, and select prior images to transfer to workstations. All this and more can all be automated with PenFetch.


  • Eliminates radiologist and technologist wait-time
  • Optimizes network utilization during day
  • Eliminates staff conducting manual image transfer
  • Distributes interpreting workload
  • Distributes images by study type
  • Pre-fetches priors by exam type
  • Pre-fetches and moves images to multiple workstations
  • Checks destinations to see if images exist prior to move
  • Moves studies between PACs

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