Collecting patient data with digital forms and tablets

Now your patients can update their information with simple prompts in a “yes” or “no” format that validates their personal and historical data and facilitates screening for those at high risk of developing disease. What’s more, patients can now update all their information including insurance, health history, familial risk and more on any internet enabled device, safely and securely all the while, avoiding full waiting rooms.

PenXpress Check-in

Allows patients to virtually check into their appointment from the comfort and safety of their own home, using their own digital devices. Patients can simply scan a QR code emailed to them by their healthcare provider, enter their security code and be connected immediately with their patient intake form, including high risk questionnaire and health updates.


PenForms is Easy to Use

Simply have the patient use their own device, a tablet you provide, or their personal computer to update their information. Patients can also be directed to watch videos, fill out risk surveys (Tyrer Cuzick for example) and be prepared well in advance of traveling to their appointment. What’s more, most facilities are looking for easy, economical ways to facilitate social distancing in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic – PenForms is the solution.

As soon as the patient has completed all of their tasks the data is automatically saved in the permanent PenRad patient record. PenForms eliminates the need for patients and technologists to enter and re-enter data every time they come in for an appointment and keeps everyone safe while following mandated social distancing guidelines as we return to screening activities.

PenForms Demo Video

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PenRad’s GateKeeper technology reduces social distancing concerns, patient anxiety and expense. Patients can now check-in remotely with their own device and proceed directly to imaging. Use PenXpress with PenRad, PenTrac, PenLung, and PenAlert systems, to eliminate paper and expense.

PenXpress offers facilities the ability to send patients an access link correspondence providing patients the opportunity to update electronic forms anywhere with internet access, at their leisure on the device of their choice, reducing hygiene concerns.

PenXpress offers before arrival: registration, HIPAA consent, COVID questionnaire, insurance and address updates, consent forms, medical and risk history updates, email sign-up, instructions for arrival, breast center journey and procedure videos. All completed in advance, minimizing staff contact, adding efficiencies for the technologist, all while reducing patient anxiety.


Results/Reminders by Email
Allows the patient to receive a brief email message with a secured PDF regarding the results of the exam. The service will also initiate reminder emails for upcoming exams. Reminders can be PDF or simply a message in the body of the email. If desired, a facility may request a reply to the email as a verification receipt, otherwise paper will be printed within a specified number of days. Additionally, you may optionally specify such a reply is required only for the first email sent to a patient, as the email address will then be considered “verified”.

Audit Trail
PenConnect automatically keeps an audit trail for users including when a message is retrieved and the ip address of the receiving computer for email results or caller ID data for phone results. Messages can be automatically delayed to allow physicians an opportunity to review the exam prior to patient notification.

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