Maximize your efficiency with a PenRad HL7 integration

PenRad offers many HL7-compliant interfaces for bi-directional transfer of specific information to and from HIS/RIS systems. The PenHL7 interface module allows for the automatic download of patient demographics and the upload of narrative reports via industry standard HL7 data packets. The interface module (upload and download) offers a series of options to allow for the customization of the standard and non-standard data transfer elements.

How it works

The download function allows the downloading of patient demographics from the HIS/RIS system to the PenRad system. This typically contains PID (Patient Identification) and OBR elements. The upload function allows the report generated by the radiologist to be uploaded to the HIS/RIS system by populating OBR and OBX sections. All mammographic data, patient data and practice analysis information resides on the PenRad system for administrative, auditing and report generation.

To facilitate a bi-directional interface to an existing HIS/RIS system, PenRad has delineated the specifications required to interface the HIS/RIS system to the PenRad system. All specifications are HL7 compliant and are designed to provide the HIS/RIS provider a bi-directional transfer of information. Other automatic bi-directional interface modules are available, but are not limited to Flat File Interface, ASCII Text File with FTP Server.

Block Diagram of PenRad RIS/HIS HL7 System Interface

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