PenLung is a comprehensive unified software solution to manage patients participating in your LDCT lung screening program for Radiology departments and/or Imaging facilities. PenLung provides automated web and tablet calculators to collect smoking and environmental risk history for patient eligibility as well as lung registry export for reimbursement.

Nurse Navigator Module: The Nurse Navigator module allows facilities to plan, schedule and capture information for patients requiring additional work-up as an electronic diary. The Nurse Navigator module categorizes tasks, provides organization and suggestions on patient protocol allowing Lung cancer centers to have access to the status of pending events for all patients and their progress anytime, anywhere within the network.   



  • AutoReader data extraction from report narrative via HL7 from RIS/EMR
  • Automatically tracks:
    • Exam type (screening, diagnostic, etc)
    • Abnormality size, type, and other critical/non critical findings
    • Lung-RADS
    • Patients recall interval and recall reason
    • Patient result letter (multi-language)
  • DICOM SR (Structured Report) automatically extracts:
    • Modality make and model
    • CTDIvol: (mGy)
    • DLP: (mGy*cm)
    • Reconstructed image width (mm)
  • Patient eligibility calculator
  • Patient history forms to PACS for Radiologist review during interpretation
  • Simple, complete Lung registry export for reimbursement

Intelligent Tracking

  • Patient History – smoking status, previous history, etc
  • Patient Correspondence – Email capable
    • Exam result letters
    • Patient reminder letters for next exam
  • Tracking of unresolved cases to resolution
  • ACR Lung-RADS compliant
  • Pathology and cancer staging
  • Statistical audit reporting with audit log tracking
  • Non-Conformance tracking for liability
  • Extended care Navigation for patients needing additional workup

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