Monitor your PenRad Enterprise at any time

Take your enterprise mobile with PenMobile!  Practice statistics ranging from same day to historic values are available from wherever you might be.  Understand how many patients are waiting, how many result letters have been sent, how many are pending, number of biopsies complete, pending, resolved and more.  All can be preference set for locations, individual users, radiologists, administrators or technologists.

Dashboard Capabilities (and growing)

  • Patient counts in the queue, wait times, etc
  • Stop and start your interfaces
  • Counts pending:
  • Recall and reminder letters
  • Completed exams for distribution
  • Exams waiting for interpretation
  • Unapproved exams >10 days
  • Biopsies and pathology
  • Unresolved exams
  • Counts sent/pending for last 3/5 days:
  • Emails, Faxes, HL7 results
  • Total counts of exams


  • By zone, location, and individual user
  • Select from various functions for:
    • Radiologist, Technologist, Managers and IT remote support

Ever Expanding Dashboard Features
Available for Android, IOS & Web browser

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