While it is well established PenRad provides the most trusted products available to manage the quality, workflow, analytics, and patient engagement in women’s imaging, did you know PenRad is also looking out for the health of its client’s business?  Managing the health of a patient is the primary goal of any physicians group or diagnostic imaging center but if the health of the business is compromised in any way, the ability to provide world-class care could be at risk.

A review of the PenRad product line focusing only on the products ability to increase the financial health of a women’s imaging center reveals some significant findings:

  • Genetic testing and the PenRad high-risk module may add up to $20.00/patient to your bottom line.
  • The automation platform can add as much as $8.00/patient to your bottom line.
  • Azure Cloud deployment eliminates IT maintenance costs increases security and decreases network latency.
  • Significantly reduce liability costs associated with reporting of incidental findings.

A look at these high-level estimates reveals a conservative incremental $30.00 in revenue from every patient screened at a women’s imaging center.  For the full-service women’s imaging center performing 10,000 screening exams per year this could mean as much as $300,000.00 of incremental revenue per year.  This kind of an addition to the financial health of a PenRad Powered Imaging Center provides much flexibility to enhance outreach programs, purchase additional equipment or facilitate new programs.  Upon even further inspection, most of this revenue, which is generated by the addition of a genetic testing program can be achieved without any further investment in PenRad.

Beyond contributions to the business health of a women’s imaging center PenRad workflow significantly increases the efficiency of physicians, technologists, and administrative staff.  PenRad reporting streamlines communication with referring physicians, generation of audit reports for MQSA inspectors and enhances overall patient satisfaction.

My recommendation is call PenRad today at 763-475-3388 to set up a detailed review of your service and develop a personalized business forecast.

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About the author.  Daniel D. Bickford (www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-bickford) is President of Pintail Strategic Consulting which has provided sales and marketing services to the diagnostic imaging industry, since 2015.  PenRad is a current client of Pintail Strategic Consulting.  Daniel was co-founder of Confirma Inc., the pioneer of breast MRI CAD technology and manufacturer or of CADstream.


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