The PenProfiler instantaneously mines facility data and PenRad’s national database for pathological outcome by matching abnormality attributes for mammography, ultrasound and breast MRI exams. Outcome and quantity are displayed for local and national databases.

As attributes of an abnormality are selected, the PenProfiler button displays the count of matching abnormalities with pathological outcome. The button displays number of malignancies, number of benigns and the total number of matching abnormalities in the database. The second line displays the quantities in PenRad’s national database.

With a tap to the profiler button, a sortable itemized list is displayed. Individual quantity percentages are listed for malignant and benign outcomes.


As a pathological type is selected, matching exams are displayed. Selecting Show All Exams expands the search type to mammography, ultrasound and MRI exams.

Tapping on the patient displays the patient’s exam history. If enabled, tapping the Export to Workstation button enables our PenFetch module to bring matching exam images to the reading workstation.


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