PenRad, Qualifying Patients for  Hereditary Test Eligibility and the Natera Test Request Form

Client Use Case – Review

  1. Patient health history is updated in PenRad.
  2. PenRad flags patients that meet medical guidelines for hereditary cancer testing.
  3. Client completes Natera Test Request form in PenRad and prints the form.
  4. Client collects testing specimen from the patient.
  5. Specimen and the printed Test Requisition Form is sent to Natera.

Patients are notified when their specimen is received and when results are ready to be viewed (on Natera patient portal).  Natera offers post-test genetic information sessions for patients with board-certified genetic counselors.  This information can be manually input in the PenRad patient record.

Ordering the Natera Hereditary Test Request Form Functionality in PenRad

A Service requisition order must be provided by Natera to PenRad.
– Client name is entered into an excel spreadsheet by Natera sales representatives.

A purchase order from the client must be received by PenRad.
– The purchase order will be obtained by a PenRad salesperson.

How it should work – the process

A Service requisition order must be provided by Natera to PenRad.

  1. Natera representative details client, gets commitment and enters client name on the order spreadsheet.
  2. Natera representative calls PenRad salesperson and has a conversation about the client.
  3. PenRad salesperson determines what updates need to be made (if any) to the PenRad system to facilitate go live.
  4. PenRad obtains appropriate purchase order from client, schedules any needed system updates and training.
  5. PenRad communicates an estimated timeline to Natera representative.

Requirements of PenRad System to Enable the Natera Test Request Form Functionality

  • PenRad version 7.2
  • Natera Empower Test Requisition Form
  • PenRad high-risk Module

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