Data Migration

The Data Migration module facilitates pre-population of the PenRad MIS database for new facilities. Pre-population of patient information, referring doctors and sites, radiologist and technologist information is available to save time and resources.

Pre-population of the PenRad MIS database is facilitated by importing data from existing facility databases. These file formats may be imported as text (tab or comma delimited), spreadsheet or database. Patient information may include patients with mammography exams within the last three years (by CPT, exam code or department code, etc.) and/or female patients over a certain age.

During data conversion, names and addresses are made proper (MARY SMITH – Mary Smith) and duplicate patients are removed based on multiple field matching (i.e. DOB, last name, MR#). PenRad MIS can automatically calculate and assign a next exam date based on last exam date and/or age to generate recall letters.

For more information about database pre-population, please contact us.

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