PenRad MIS

As a PenRad mammography client, DICOM integration makes it easy to add automation as you make the transition to digital. Imaging facilities, with or without mammography, can add automation and productivity to patient care workflow with PenRad digital automation modules; generally only available in full HIS/RIS and PACS systems.


DICOM Modality Worklist SCP
The PenRad DICOM Worklist module operates in conjunction with the PenRad MIS allowing facilities to execute DICOM queries to eliminate manual data entry. The module supports DICOM based imaging modalities for worklist and “ad hoc” queries of patients with prior imaging information. This allows facilities to increase their efficiencies when transitioning to digital imaging and scanning priors for comparison. The software package is a Windows service.

The PenRad DICOM SR (structured report) module allows facilities to attach the narrative report to the mammography imaging file. The module creates a DICOM Basic SR of the narrative report when results are sent to the HIS/RIS. The PenRad DICOM Worklist and SR modules satisfy the need for current and historical imaging archival without the need for a full DICOM broker, reducing the cost of digital deployment.

DICOM Worklist Query Scheduler
PenRad’s DICOM Worklist Scheduler allows facilities to pre-fetch and distribute images directly to reading workstations in advance of when needed to eliminate downtime.

DICOM Library.net
PenRad’s full suite of DICOM library components are available for licensing.

DICOM Conformance Statements
The following DICOM conformance statements are provided in PDF format. To download Adobe Reader, click here.

PenRad Worklist DICOM Conformance Statement
PenScan DICOM Conformance Statement
PenFetch DICOM Conformance Statement
PenSR DICOM Conformance Statement

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