Nurse Navigator


The Nurse Navigator categorizes tasks, provides organization and suggestions on patient protocol. The categories listed below reflect a sample of the individual events that can be captured.

  • Additional Imaging: Additional imaging studies, scheduled, results, completed, etc.
  • Procedures (i.e. CBE, biopsies, pathology, etc.)
  • Post Biopsy follow-up: results to patient and physician, complications and resolution
  • Contact/Support Information (i.e. contacts for Patient, Support, etc.)
  • Diagnosis (i.e. diagnosis, receptor statuses, nodes, etc.)
  • Treatment Plan (i.e. conferences, surgeries, therapies, complications, infections, etc.)
  • Reconstruction Plan (i.e. implants, expanders, flap, garment fitting, etc.)
  • Treatment Contacts including all referring physician contacts

PenRad MIS can facilitate various forms for facilities to collect expanded datasets. These data forms allow customization. For example; the expanded risk assessment form allows capture of extended family, Ca, and genetic results, hormone, radiation and other treatments for advanced imaging studies for IRB cases.


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