At the 2019 RSNA annual meeting, President Valerie P. Jackson, MD, talked about the need for more patient-centered radiology:

“We (radiologists) are heading toward a future in which patients are going to want and need to hear from us more than ever before…we owe it to them to respond,” she said. “I know we can do it and each small effort on our part, individually, will add to the collective momentum in creating a new culture of patient interaction within radiology.”

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Improving patient-centered radiology not only includes having more face time with the patient, it also includes providing peace of mind to the future of the patient’s health through strong data and cooperation with fellow physicians to boost value-added care.

This year at RSNA, PenRad premiered two new products that compliment our current breast imaging and lung screening software solutions, and both help radiologists provide optimal patient-centered care.


Improves practice liability management for radiology through data tracking and automation. Learn more…

Collect and manage patients’ risk assessments and genetic testing eligibility. Learn more…


Continuing to better patient-centered radiology

Our new radiology solutions were well received by radiologists and others at the RSNA meeting and Dan Bickford, PenRad Regional Sales Manager, felt there is huge potential for radiology to improve their facility efficiencies and create new revenue generating services, all while providing value-added care to the patients.

“Dan’s words…”

**Pictured in photo: PenRad Sales Team (Left to Right) Patrick Narlock, Josh Schwaller and Dan Bickford

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