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PenRad’s PeerReview system supports the next generation of QA mandated regulations to assure maximum revenue. Simple to use during interpretation, the user may PeerReview a narrative report of images used for comparison, a well as the recording of level of concurrence. An exam can be PeerReviewed by multiple radiologists.

The PR indicator indicates the exam is available for PeerReview. The NA indicator indicates the radiologist was the primary interpreter or has already PeerReviewed the exam within a year.


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The RE status indicator indicates the ability to Re-Edit the concurrence or note.

Upon view of the report, the radiologist selects a level of concurrence with the option to add a note.

PeerReview (either mandatory or volunteer) dynamically tabulates cases required to meet annual PeerReview goals by physician.



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Various administrative reports are available to reflect level of concurrence; by radiologist, by exam type,
notes and quantity, for maintaining QA mandated regulations to assure maximum revenue.

PenRad’s built-in tissue density filtering system allows staff to further automate the PeerReview process.




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