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Continuing the tradition of PenRad’s focus on improved patient care, mammography workflow and imaging center economics, PenRad’s task reminder system allows a remember date to be assigned to an exam, note, patient, navigator and NCBC forms for follow-up. This system informs staff when an event is due or past-due.

Reminder worksheets and worklists with various levels of detail are available by reminder group type (i.e. scheduler, navigator, manager, etc.) for defined date ranges, providing a daily or weekly “to do list” with the task event and contact information included.

For example, applying a scheduling note to an unresolved exam allows additional second-tier filtering of the unresolved case list, allowing the facility to initiate action on exams without a scheduling note while retaining the exam as unresolved exam (i.e. the patient scheduled their six month follow-up).

The Note to File feature also allows the reminder date to be set to inquire about various subjects. For example: pathology results for a biopsy done outside; comparisons received; patient schedule reconstruction and remind staff to do the follow-up call to resolve open complaint.

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Reminder notes may be extracted by date range, note type and exported as a worklist. Administrative reports allow continued quality assurance monitoring to improve patient care, workflow and economics.


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