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PenRad offers various image management tools to automatically check multiple PACS for image availability including all breast exam types (digital or scanned). Facilitating:

  • Studies to be flagged for scanning to add to PACS with a worklist for the film room
  • Automatic retrieval and send to softcopy
  • Review of images on any general purpose workstation with PenReview software

Simple to use, by tapping the Verify Archive button on the Prior Imaging screen, PenRad automatically checks multiple PACS for the studies, updates the prior imaging date window and stores the status. Users can request a scan of the study films, or other digital studies not available in PACS by tapping the Request Scan button; these studies then appear on a report to be processed by the film room.

The Comparison and Prior Exam screen provides the ability to send images to PenView, PenRad’s softcopy workstation, or to other vendor workstations (provided they can receive images directly) by selecting the study and tapping the Send to Viewstation button. From this screen, technologists can view reports, images and annotations (requires PenReview for images) on a common general purpose workstation, saving time and resources for returning patients.

With PenRad, the radiologist has direct access to the images (requires PenReview), reports for review or finalization, amendments and/or pathology correlation, as well as an integrated planning tool for returning diagnostic patients on any general purpose computer anywhere in the facility from this screen.

For screening exams, PenRad offers automatic preselection of comparison studies, configurable by number of years for the radiologist. A short cut also exists for the selection of prior exams for comparison by simply tapping on the 1, 2, 3, etc. buttons on the keyboard. For example; tap on 1 then 2 to select the most recent two studies for comparison.

PenRad’s PenFetchPlus module provides the ability to write out study images to a CD/DVD burner for transport. Select the study and tap the Create CD button for each study to be included on the disk.

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