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Based on customer recommendations solicited from PenTips, PenRad has added the following features.

1) Added ability to specify non-concerning masses/calcification counts for mammography, as well as mass/cyst counts for ultrasound exams.

2) Expanded descriptors for detailing findings, for example: possible, various and ability expand on the size, along with cluster to reflect distribution.

3) Added ability to right click or double tap on the abnormality to make the detail screen appear.

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4) Eliminated the two step process to modify report text, just tap the Approve button to view report and tap Modify
button to modify text of the report.

5) Added the ability to append the exam after the report has been modified. A common example for a previously modified biopsy report to add pathology findings and/or recommendations: select pathology findings and correlation from the detail screen, select recall interval and tap the Approve button, tap Append button, then just edit what to retain.

Common questions:

Q. How do I indicate the finding is in the axilla?

A. Position the finding in the axillary tail on the diagram and when detailing the finding click In the Axilla in the Size/Dist/Axis window.

Q. How do indicate the finding is greater than slider range (6 cm)?

A. You can manually enter up to 15 cm in the size window or use the Size/Distance/Axis window that facilitates multiple dimensions, as well.

Q. How can I display overall BI-RADS® code on combined imaging exams and hide the individual BI-RADS coding on each exam?

A. In the upper right corner of the approve screen, select Overall BI-RADS. This can be a required feature for combined image studies. This only displays an overall BI-RADS code on the report to simplify communications with referring physicians. Contact PenRad support to enable feature.


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