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Based on customer recommendations solicited from PenTips, PenRad has added the following features.

1) Added the ability for facilities to process exams for distribution by exam type(s) and/or results. For example: screening exams only, screening with BIRADS 1-2, BIRADS 4 – route to navigator, diagnostic mammos, all diagnostic studies, MRI exams, US, etc.

Contact PenRad support to set up filters based on your facility distribution needs.

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2) Many facilities use the AutoSelect feature to select their Reminder and Past-due letters for batch print. AutoSelect automatically selects the next patient correspondence based on the date of the last correspondence and is imitated by the target date assigned by the Radiologist during the last exam.

This feature automates selection, insures the patient receives their reminders sequentially regardless of the frequency the facility initiates letter generation.

Pro-active facilities initiate letter generation daily to maintain a consistent workload for scheduling, staff and referring physicians, instead of single batch at first or the end of a month. Another feature of AutoSelect is, if you miss a scheduled batch print (i.e. weekend), it will automatically incorporate those reminders as well.

The AutoSelect option automatically spaces sequential correspondences 30 days apart, so no patient is left behind. Contact PenRad support to step up AutoSelect.

Common question:

Q:What is the Auto-Commit selector for?

A: If selected, when the print job is complete, it automatically processes the “Commit & Exit” command thus updating the database that the print job correctly processed (no jams, enough toner/ink, etc). Typically facilities use Auto-Commit, pause the printer, intimate the print job while leaving for the evening, and monitor the print job in the morning.

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