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PenRad’s PenProFiler instantaneously mines the facility’s historical and PenRad’s national database for pathological outcome based on matching abnormality attributes for mammography, US and MRI exams.

As attributes are selected on Detail screen, the PenProFiler button instantly displays # of malignancies, # of benigns, and the total # of matching abnormality attributes in the facility’s database, lower line reflects national database. (see Fig 1 lower right button)


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Tapping the PenProFiler button displays an itemized pathological type list reflecting local and national quantities of matching abnormality attributes (Fig 2).




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Tapping on the pathological type displays patients with same pathological type and abnormality attributes. Checking the Show All Exams selector, displays all patients with same pathology type (see Fig 3).



Fig 4


Tapping on the patient name displays history of their exams (see Fig 4), tapping on the exam will display the report.

If enabled, tapping on the Export button enables the PenFetch module to bring pathological matching imaging exams to the radiologist workstation. Tapping the Create CD button routes selected exams to burner. Contact PenRad to activate the Profiler system.



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