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PenRad’s Breast MRI report generator has been expanded to include breast density, presence of foci, and tissue enhancement (non-concerning).

In addition, custom acquisition techniques can be stored and used automatically by default or supplemented with information from the Procedure Information Detail screen.

For facilities using MRI-CAD product, PenRad provides an integration module that displays the PDF findings report and imports those finding directly into the PenRad narrative report. All findings are available for audit purposes, routine quality control and accreditation.

Further integration into the PenRad mammography workflow can be achieved with Compass. Developed by the world’s foremost experts in MRI CAD, Compass offers performance improvements, simplicity of use, and economics.

Fully Integrated with the award winning PenRad workflow, Compass delivers:

  • Image registration
  • Subtractions
  • Maximum Intensity Projections
  • Angiogenesis Maps
  • Curves
  • Morphologic Analysis
  • 3D Navigation from MIP’s
  • Dynamic Thresholding
  • Dynamic Peak Series Adjustment
  • Customizable Hanging Layouts
  • One Click Image Save as .jpg or .wmv
  • Volumetric Analysis + Uptake/Washout Profile

Want to learn more about Compass? Schedule a demonstration today and see how we’ve streamlined breast MRI interpretation.

MRI Reporting Tip:

Question: Under MRI abnormality type “non-mass like” is not displayed as abnormality, why not?

Answer: Use descriptor “enhancement non-mass”, located under area.

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