Additions to the mammography exam included in version 6.0

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(1) Added the ability to indicate that an abnormality is “developing” or “possible”.
(2) Added various combinations of mammography and ultrasound for 3 and/or 6 month follow-ups.
(3) In preparation for the new BI-RADS™, “eggshell” calcification and “lobulated” shape have been retired. Macrolobulated has been added as a margin descriptor.
(4) Lymph node selection was expanded to include focal cortex and uniform thickening as modifiers.
(5) Added “Only on Tomo” to special circumstances to indicate in report that it was only visible with Tomographic imaging.

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(6) Added “Hide Depth” to suppress the depth of an abnormality.Can be defaulted like other items.

(7) Added “Reference Slices” for Tomo. Report reflects best seen slice number for MLO and CC.
(8) Added “Clinical Text” to Negative screen with a short-cut to edit. Added a Preview report button (below) on bottom of main screen for instant report preview.

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(9) Added to advanced specials a new category for specifying additional detail for benign calcifications.
For facilities that rely on the tech, or the process is completed by the radiologist to select comparisons, an automatic option exists to select by the number of years. Contact tech support to enable feature.



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