The notification warning system has been expanded based on the BI-RADS™ 4/5 recommendation option. The system displays a contact message allowing the radiologist direct access for multiple notification types. The option is also provided to initiate an event for the clinic’s navigator. Full correspondence screen was expanded for “notification” to include various other options. Access is available via the Advanced Specials button located on all exam and procedure screens. Items selected in correspondence appear in the impression of the report (see below right).

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The abbreviated message screen (above) appears whenever an exam includes a BI-RADS 4/5 recommendation if the system option “reminder with 4/5” is enabled (display the ordering physician’s contact info.)

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By tapping the various “notification” buttons these items are selected in the full correspondence screen, reflecting various contact performed in the exam impression.

Also provided is a shortcut button on the message screen for the radiologist during BI-RADS 4/5 exams to proactively initiate a new navigator tracking encounter for facilities using PenRad’s navigator system (right).



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