Various risk assessment data points were added to facilitate the expanded risk assessment models available.

With release of version 6.0, through an exclusive license with Tyrer-Cuzick, PenRad clients have this integration as an option. In addition in 6.0, the Hughes Risk Apps integration is expanded facilitating data collection and transfer from either system providing calculation with ALL risk assessment models. The Hughes system provides a comprehensive summary, including graphs, genetic tree, and more (stored in PenRad), and the Hughes Breast Surgeon system. Learn more at


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(1) If enabled, the “TC” life-time and 10 year values are displayed for the radiologist, and are incorporated on the HX sheet. Like the NCI model, if TC life-time exceeds 25% it is superimposed in red as an additional warning.

To take complete advantage of the TC model, exact relative informational datapoints were added, plus an intuative tablet GUI was designed. Several other “points of interest” from client requests were incorporated into the Medical & Risk Factor screen as well.


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(2) To collect and specify relatives, the onset age with unilateral breast cancer, bilateral breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and/or indicate any genetic testing results, tap (add) in the relation column, then tap on the relative to add.




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(3) Tap in the column cell to specify cancer onset age and tap on age for; unilateral (BcAge), and/or bilateral (BilatAge), (OcAge) for ovarian, and select genetic testing results from (GenTest) column.





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