The amendment screen received several new features and various formatting options in this latest upgrade.

The Event Recall System supporting multiple future recalls per patient. For example; if priors do not arrive…. follow-up imaging for calcs in right breast in 6 months, or right breast 3 month follow-up for density and left breast 6 month follow-up of calcs.

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(1) In order to view and modify a patient recall schedule, a Recall Events button was added to view, remove, and combine future recalls. If the amendment requires a future recall, select the interval and exam type from the selectors. When the amendment is approved the recall date and exam type is added to the patient recall queue. Also expanded are the formatting options to display amendments above the original report versus below, and if multiple amendments in ascending or descending date order. Also added is an option not to display in the report the letter that was selected, per a client request.

(2) Tip – Rapid amendment process for post priors received for facilities that do not distribute preliminary exams or suspend exams until priors arrive. Select stock introduction phrase from category list, position cursor in text body to receive priors information. Tap the “Show Films” button to expose prior study dates, tap on the applicable studies and study date with description are automatically inserted into the amendment. Tap the “Show Films” button again (toggles) to expose phrase selections for any additional phrase insertion.


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(3) WorkFlow Tip – The option exists to have amendment prepared by other than the requesting Radiologist, and then suspend for the Radiologist to approve later. Suspended, amended exams appear on worklist with “Amnd/Held” status. Applying the filter “amend” will filter these from other exams on the worklist, and/or if the Radiologist is specified during amend preparation, then Radiologist can use “my assigned exams” filter as well.

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