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(1) Added two additional assessment categories for region scanned and overall assessment for premenopausal patients; BMD normal for age and BMD below for age (z-score). (These assessments categories remove references to the WHO Criteria in the narrative report.)

(2) Added the ability to capture and incorporate the FRAX major and hip fracture index percentages into the report. To include FRAX data, tap the FRAX button and enter values. Reference to FRAX information appears in findings.


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Expanded the formatting option to display scan data in row and column format on report in addition to paragraphical sentence layout by scan region. The row and column format places similar regions in chronological descending order and each row then displays the individual data sets, and the last row beneath oldest region scanned displays a summary of the computed differentiation values and percentage from current scanned region to oldest region.

Also available to automate report generation with row and column format is the option to “AutoSelect” comparison scans for similar regions scanned in current study.

The first generation of direct import of scan data into the DEXA report from the imaging study DICOM file is now available. This eliminates manual scan data input by automatically populating scan region and values into the narrative the report directly from the modality.

By compounding direct scan import with DEXA AutoSelect for comparisons scans, narrative report approval only requires selection of impression and review of the report.

PenRad also offers the direct import feature for tissue density, CAD marks and abnormalities for mammography as well as direct import of ultrasound measurements.

*A special thanks to the Hologic team and our clients that requested a DICOM SR for DEXA, so all can benefit from direct scan data import. The SR will require Hologic DEXA software upgrade.

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