This tip, contains discussion of and common samples of “how to’s” to avoid free text input, new and expanded categories to facilitate additional communication for “non” localized items not requiring radiology “action” or profiling specific detail (re: simple cysts).

For ultrasound findings, four separate categories were added (cyst, mass, nodes, other).

A separate category for calcifications was added to allow additional profiling discussion, compared to the “generic” profiling discussion in localized abnormality category.

A separate repeat category was added to indicate the view and why repeat imaging necessary (re: motion).

Resolved category offers the option of specifying the additional view(s) obtained for findings that are no longer present or have no correlation (re: palpable).

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Q – What if additional imaging is conducted and the item is longer present?

A – The resolved category facilitates discussion of items resolved (superimposed tissue, deodorant residual, artifacts, etc.) from additional imaging.

Q – What if discussion is necessary for items where imaging is not addressed?

A – No correlation and recommendation category facilitates discussion of clinical symptoms and limited imaging findings, without correlation.

Q – What if Repeat views are needed for interpretation due to substandard imaging?

A – Repeat imaging category allows specification of reason(s) and view(s), and accumulates counts by imaging technologist for performance review.

Q – How do I repeat category with different findings?

A – Double tap on the category to initiate another.

Q – Regional scatters/diffused findings in breast?

A – The location selectors combine inners, outers, uppers, and lower aspects or quadrants.

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