For clients interested in submitting data to the ACR National Mammography Database (NMD), there needs to be some preparation besides an ACR account. To submit data itemized by physician versus facility, requires a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number entered initially into ID2 field on the radiologist maintenance screen. Note that the ID1 field is for synchronizing with the RIS

Radiology Information System – do not alter.

To ensure correct outcomes much like the annual MQSA audit, exams requiring resolution (unresolved) need resolution, and pathology exam data needs completion on suspended cases. Identifying cases requiring service can be obtained with administrative reports “before audit” 4U and 5G. If submitting NMD data by radiologist, verify radiologist’s NPI is entered in order to have individual radiologist performance evaluated.

Many facilities practice “audit proactiveness” by enabling the reminder option for unresolved exams to notify the radiologist during current interpretation if an unresolved exam exists for the patient, for example; Monday, patient screening mammo needs additional views – birads 0, Tuesday, patient returns for diagnostic mammo needs ultrasound – birads 0, Wednesday patient receives ultrasound – birads 2. Then the radiologist is notified while reading Tuesdays case for Monday’s exam, and Wednesday is notified about Tuesday’s exam.

An unresolved case is an exam without a recall interval of 1 year or more. With the unresolved reminder active, the majority of audit preparation is resolved, and with most call backs, the report is reviewed during interpretation to verify current exam recommendations were addressed, allowing resolution with a single click.

Another proactive audit feature is to suspend the biopsy exam and complete when pathology results are available, allowing added findings to be included in the biopsy exam, that are in turn automatically inherited into the pathology exam, plus this workflow eliminates the need for an amendment. For concordant biopsy exams with benign results, tap the pathology exam button and complete the pathology exam by correlating screening and diagnostic statistics for the participating radiologists, and approve. For high risk path results or non-concordant findings, proceed to approve the biopsy report with recommendations. Pathology exam will remain suspended until surgical or re-biopsy results are available allowing completion of the pathology exam.

To generate export file for NMD, select administrative report 3Q, select desired date range, if submitting for individual location, select location from location selector, and if only submitting a single radiologist, select from radiologist selector. Tap preview button to initiate report, when completed, select export method as “vertical bar delimited”, save file with name format as “nmd_yyyymmdd-hhmmss.txt” (“nmd” plus current date/time). For “yyyymmdd”, yyyy=year, mm=month, dd=day, and “hhmmss”, hh=hour, mm=minutes, ss=seconds. Example; 11:41:00 AM 11/2/2009 is labeled as “nmd_20091102-114100.txt”. Save file in readily accessible location for upload to NMD. ++++ WARNING: THIS EXPORT FILE CONTAINS PATIENT DATA. ++++

To send data to NMD data site (requires account set-up prior) go to:
When connected and logged in –
Click “Upload Data” on the menu on the left side of the page.
Click the “Browse” button to locate the export file saved for upload.
Click the “Upload” button.
A confirmation message appears.

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