Good news! In a recent FAQ from the FDA, the terms of delivery of mammography results no longer requires a hard copy when no response of email receipt is acknowledged, provided the facility has a policy. This should remove any reservations concerning email. Now sign patients up for email and save on printing, envelopes, postage and processing expense.

The expense of postal mailing result and reminder letters costs the organization $2.00 plus a year per patient. 10,000 patients per year costs $20,000 a year, 5 years $100,000. Emailing removes postal and staff expense.

Capture email on the patient maintenance screen and, when consent to email is selected, applicable correspondences are automatically emailed versus postal mailed.

To automate email collection for patient and staff, use our PenForms wireless tablet system. Patients can update their history, sign up for email, and add their signature.

PenRad offers a gamut of electronic forms that run on $100 tablets. Use electronic forms for biopsy consent, release of images, etc. PenForms eliminates printing and scanning for a paper-free environment.

Did you know? For clients with EMR systems, PenRad can automatically forward patient correspondence to the EMR’s integrated patient portal instead of printing or emailing out of PenRad? Multiple options are available. The text only, an encapsulated PDF, and/or pointers to the file name and path in the HL7 message. These options facilitate older and newer generations of HL7 systems for the EMR portal service.

Facilities with EMR patient portals also use PenRad’s delivery system PenConnect in conjunction as a safeguard to assure notification of results and reminders. Portals assume patient will check routinely.

Did you know? PenRad has the option to automatically create and forward a file containing all the letters and exams for your mailing department to process, instead of printing and processing within the imaging department? Contact a PenRad applications specialist to activate this option.

Did you know? PenRad has a portal interface, allowing breast centers to have patients update their history online? If you have an interest in expanding to the web, contact our applications specialists.

Did you know? PenRad offers 256K encryption for email in advance of the next HIPAA regulations?

Did you know? Physician results currently faxed can be emailed instead? Automatically separate emails can be forwarded to the physician’s assistant, medical records, billing, etc., and a delivery receipt is registered.

Did you know? Every time we go on-site clients learn what they are missing and end up improving their efficiency? Take the PenCare challenge. Bring us on-site, let our staff assess your current system utilization, demonstrate additional efficiencies you are not utilizing, and prepare you for the next generation of PenRad.

Call us for a demo of PenConnect and PenForms, plus learn more about our PenCare assessment program.

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