A request was received from an enterprise user requesting the ability to expand administrative reports to zones where an individual zone incorporates data and statistics of various individual locations, and individual locations could be members of multiple zones, over and above the current options available in administrative reports that output by an individual location, a group of locations, or all locations.

Some of the examples given for “Zones” of multiple individual locations to analyze performance:

  • By clinic type – retail locations, hospital-based imaging, free-standing full service breast imaging facilities.
  • By location type – city clinics, suburban clinics, city and suburban clinics by territory, states, mobile vans.
  • By staffing – Radiology RVU group performance.

The zoning concept supports analysis for: marketing, staffing, equipment upgrades, and financial performance by expense, not just by the individual location, but collectively by group type.

So our software team went to work to create another hierarchy of location grouping definitions, referred to as zones. This allows for independent assignment of a location to multiple zones for administrative reports, plus reports can be further refined by individual staff and furthermore refined by an individual location within a zone.

To activate “Zones”, define the zone names, and then define the locations within the zone. To automate the process, collect the internal location ID located in the upper right-hand corner for each location via the facility maintenance screen.

Prepare format like below to allow set-up database filters for zone, for example:

  • Minneapolis city clinics = 1,2,3
  • Minneapolis suburban clinics = 4,5,6,7
  • Minneapolis city and suburban clinics = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  • Rochester clinics = 8,9,10
  • Minneapolis and Rochester = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
  • Hospital based Minneapolis and Rochester = 2,9
  • Key – Left of the = sign is name of zone, right of = is internal ID # of location, separate IDs with comma if >1.

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The Zone selector for administrative reports is accessed through the Person & Location selector screen.

NOTE: Zone creation is not limited to locations where service is provided, this concept can be applied as a filter to ordering physicians locations for analyzing referral patterns in administrative reports that accommodate physician location filtering. For example; OBGYN’s versus GP’s, the VA physicians versus private facilities, etc.



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