Customers have asked us to expand our teaching and/or interesting case categories, plus provide a search tool and prefetch capabilities to bring these cases to the workstation for preview.

We have created 18 pre-populated categories, including a “not specified” category, and added the ability for clients to add or retire them. Category assignment can be performed during or after an exam. An Administrative report is available to search by categories, BI-RADS and/or radiologist.

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To assign a category to an existing exam, open the patient’s prior exam screen, right click in the Train column and select a category identifier from the list (left). Right click again to change the category. Category assignment can be applied during the detailed approve process via the Teaching button.





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To add or retire categories, tap the Teaching Purposes List button on the Administration screen to display categories (left).

To retire a category, click retire. To restore unclick retire. To create a new category, tap the Add button, enter the next consecutive number and assign a label to the category.





Admin report 7B (left) retrieves exams by categories. The More Options button permits filtering by exam type and/or BI-RADS. The Category filter (Selected Teaching Purposes) filters by type (generic categories use “not specified”). The Person & Location Selectors button permits filtering by location and/or radiologist.

When the report completes, right clicking on an exam allows various options; direct viewing of the report, updating or assigning
a refined category, access to patient’s record, and fetching images to the viewing workstation (if fetching is enabled). The Export function allows “bulk fetching” and file export as well.

Prior to use, clients may “rename” the supplied categories. If the “not specified” category is retired, another category must be selected.

If your facility desires the expanded teaching/interesting case categories, it may require a complimentary upgrade. Give us a call to arrange a demo and view all of the new features available in our latest release.

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