Various customers have asked if we could offer users access to restricted or pass code protected administrative reports, however limit output to access only their own individual performance data and compare to hospital totals. Our team proceeded with the request.

With the new option enabled, the logged in non-master user name is preselected to review reports and statistics related to only their cases. If the logged in non-master user attempts to access data related to other staff members, that access is denied. For master users, staff selection and location filters default to all, and filter combinations remain exposed as before.

For facilities that desire to deploy this option, restrictions applied to individual reports will need to be removed for reports now deemed accessible to all staff. This option should free up master users’ resources.

Did you know? Generally all administrative reports now have the option when applicable to apply filters to extract TOMO versus 2-D mammography statistics.

Did you know? On many of the administrative reports with a spreadsheet format, right-clicking on the exam or patient allows you to directly access the patient record, the exam, prior exams, the navigator form, or generate a correspondence via the write letter system.

Did you know? With PenRad’s write letter system you can directly generate letters to patients and referring physicians based on various data selection criteria, individually or by batch mode by mail and/or by email.

  • For example; patient surveys to rate our practice, test marketing for new location or services, would you prefer to receive your results and reminders by email, open house events, letters to breast cancer survivors for volunteering, fund raisers, new imaging location announcement, etc.
  • For example; letters to patients at elevated risk and dense breast tissue, informing them of a newly deployed risk screening program or new deployment of an automated full breast ultrasound system and have them request this new technology or enroll when making their next appointment.

Did you know? That PenRad offers automated tracking for CT Lung Screening Programs, PenLung tracks results, facilitates patient recall and statistics. Be proactive, act now before patients appear in masses.

Did you know? That PenRad offers integration with the various breast density software providers to render and preselect breast density information.

Did you know? That the PenConnect system for emailing results and reminders is saving facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Not deployed at your facility? Ask for a demo and expand facility revenue.

Did you know? The PenRad Tyrer-Cuzick risk assessment integration facilitates data capture to support various white papers indicating breast MRI is under utilized by a factor of 10. Furthermore, clients are using PenRad’s Compass visualization software to efficiently read these studies without capital expenditure.

Did you know? That BI-RADS 5 is published, and for those that would like to limit the vocabulary to just the “preferred” descriptors, enter the hide items screen on the admin screen, and select the descriptors to hide.

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