Various users have asked if we could offer automatic followup letters for those patients that did not return for an exam with an immediate recall, where the exam is still unresolved. Our team proceeded with the request.

We have added the option to initiate the series of followup letters after the initial exam letter is produced for those patients with an immediate recall, and the exam is not yet resolved, X number of days after the exam.

For facilities that use the one button, automatic autoselect feature for generating recall/reminder letters, those patients get a first reminder letter typically 10 days after the exam, then receive a second reminder 30 days later, and a third letter 30 days after that. If at any time the exam gets resolved, implying the patient did return, then the immediate followup letter sequence is canceled. Immediate recall letters use the followup letter sequence set and appear on the print list with immediate as the recall interval.

Before requesting activation of the immediate recall/reminder letters, decide on number of post days to wait before letters enter the print queue for printing or emailing to facilitate diagnostic lead time. Also followup letters should be reviewed and possibility altered to reflect universal usage incorporating recall date and type.

For those that are not using the Autoselect recall/reminder option, you are not optimizing one of PenRad’s valuable assets. Autoselect allows print anytime, once a day, once a week, or whenever, not the just the historical beginning of the month. Benefits: no constant scheduling calls, patients remain closer to the annual day, and the best reason; skip a day or week, and the system looks back to include all patients in letter generation. Removes the doubt, did we print our recall letters? Also with Autoselect the days minimum between letters is automatic and can be set to facilitate your facilities needs – 30, 45, etc. days. Basically no patient left behind.

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Many facilities have PenRad set to autoselect as the default selection mode on the recall/letter printing screen. As always, if your printer toner goes dry, letters can be reprinted by returning to manual mode and tapping the reprint feature. If not set as default, select the Enable autoselect clicker and tap the Load patients button, then all letter types are queued for printing – screening, followup, and post biopsy followup, along with each of their sequential letter sets.

Tip: On the print recall/reminder screen, if the previous letter column is populated, it reflects the number of the last recall/reminder letter generated, then the date printed.

Typically for screening letter reminders, the first letter is 1, 2 is the first past due, and 3 if used, is the second past due letter. Same sequence is applied to followup letters, however the number is padded by 10 typically. Post bx followup letter follow same pattern, and are padded by 20 typically.

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