To facilitate the latest Federal Regulations addressing the collection of patient radiation dose, PenRad offers the PenDose module. This module is the ideal solution for breast imaging facilities without the ability to
re-invest in new generation sophisticated PACS technology or modalities, and/or a third party software for breast only imaging facilities.

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The PenDose module acquires the dose amount automatically if available via DICOM queries to the PACS, directly from modalities, and/or from breast density calculation software (Volpara). Dose amounts are recorded in the patient’s imaging record for each exam, by the location, by modality number at the time of the examination for mammo, stereo and DEXA.

For facilities where automated radiation dose collection is not feasible, PenRad provides an input dose collection window (Dosage mGy – milligray) on the imaging screen. This can be set as required during the exam. (right)

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Individual exam and cumulative dose values are displayed in the patient’s prior exam screen (left). An edit dose button is provided to collect historical dose info as well.

PenRad automates the dose reporting process and offers several administrative reports to provide dose by exam, and accumulated dose by modality (machine), by location, and by date range. Dose capture in PenRad can eliminate investments in third party packages.

Facilities can automatically include exam dose amount in the narrative report and/or in the patient result letter.
Manual dose collection is included in standard licensing. Automated dose collection requires additional licensing and investment for the PenDose module. Participation is required by the PACS and/or the modality vendor for configuration. The PenRad/Volpara interface provides dose and pre-selection of breast density.

PenRad has automation services and programs to increase professional productivity and tools to enhance revenue opportunities for breast imaging and DEXA. PenFetch to pre-select and transfer prior images, DEXA import service to eliminate data entry, Compass, our breast MRI real-time visualization software, integrated breast cancer risk assessment engines to enhance patient care (bMRI is underutilized by 15x), PenForms a tablet based platform to capture patient data and consent, PenConnect for email distribution to replace snail mail expense and delay for results and reminders. To schedule a demo, call our applications department, and as always take the opportunity to ask, Do you have solution for this? Could you do this? What is new?

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