We received a request from the field “Can you keep us current with all of the tasks that take place in our department and log the activities and who they are assigned to?”

We’ve added another module, “PenTask” to our popular PenDQC package that allows facilities to create one-time or repeatable tasks that require attention outside the QA/QC functions required with imaging hardware.

Our PenDQC package offers reminders for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annual and annual QA/QC templates for tracking and recording electronically all manufacturers’ tests for items related to mammography breast imaging in a common database accessed via workstations or tablets, instead of a gamut of misplaced three ring binders that need to be collected, updated and tabulated for presentation to the MQSA inspector. PenDQC generates from a centralized data store, real-time manufacturers’ data collection worksheets with necessary graphing and totals, and provides access to scanned service records or corrective action notes.

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In PenTask, a task can be assigned to an individual and/or to a department. Each individual or department can have a dashboard to stay current with tasks assigned. Tasks that are current are green, those nearing due are yellow, and those that are late are colored red.

The manager’s dashboard can review tasks for timeliness remotely by individual, department, location, and/or the enterprise. The Dashboard overview can provide insight into temporary assignment for vacations/absences.
Common examples of pre-populated tasks in the PenTask module are; reminders for patient exam and letter printing, rectifying unresolved exams, collection of CE credits, first pass for annual audit, quarterly productivity reports, etc. Tasks for other scheduled needs can be easily facilitated.

First pass annual and final MQSA audit reports are produced with a single click. To use, enter the Administrative report screen, tap the macro button, tap #1 for run before audit, and tap # 2 for MQSA audit. Select range or enter dates for period to review. These report macros can include various reports and automatically select weekly, monthly and quarterly ranges, by individual or custom date ranges. To add your own administrative report macros, contact our Applications Specialists.

PenTask allows facilities to set-up task reminders. For example; daily for exam letters, Tuesdays for recall letters, reminder to check for CE additions the first Wednesday of each month, etc. Tasks can be created for checking flashlights, filter changing, spring cleaning, ordering monthly supplies, checking hard disk space, etc.

PenTask also allows files to be attached to a task event. For example; scans of service record or a CE certificate, an image (.jpg for example), a PDF, Word document, and/or wave file (audio).

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