PenRad received a request after a client reviewed an early PenTip; Can PenRad optimize patient flow, staging and staff resources to monitor and manage patients from arrival to imaging? The client had multiple clinical interviewers, waiting areas, and procedure rooms. Patients and staff were in daily holding patterns.

So we added to the pre-imaging worklist (RIS procedure) a status/location column that would allow dynamic status change with right click support allowing users to change the status with ease, a status filter to allow each specialist a filtered list to focus on next patient for clinical interview, dressing room routing, etc. Plus, a utility screen allowing facilities the flexibility without factory support to create and edit their own statuses and location specifiers, sequential status ordering, and status color coding.

After reviewing the initial concept to the client, where staff could monitor and alter statuses on their PCs, what came to mind was a big LCD monitor mounted on the wall in the central work area, so technologists could identify the next patient to image (in chronological order if desired), and radiologists could glance at it during diagnostic days to know the status and location of each patient procedure.

While modifying the pre-imaging worklist we also facilitated another request; Can you show the last known breast density so we can route these patients to the Tomo room? So we added a Density column just like the one on the reading schedule for the radiologists, where 1 = fatty, 2 = scattered, 3 = hetero, and 4 = dense.

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When reviewing the patient status concept with the client, it was discovered that they were underutilizing the RIS filtering system. Custom filters are available to filter by exam type or by a combination as well as a group of diagnostic procedure types, for example. This filters non applicable exam types within a work area. Scheduling and miscellaneous flags received from the RIS/HIS system can be used in conjunction.

As a convenience, the system automatically retains the last RIS filter settings by PC for the worklist. For example; ultrasound workstations would only display ultrasound orders and mammography workstations would only display mammos without resetting filters, unless the filters are altered. Contact our Specialists to discuss filtering.

Another feature of the worklist offers exam/patient search. To use, simply type a few characters of the patient’s last name, MRN, or accession number, then tap the enter key or Search button.

Only patients matching the search criteria are displayed, similar to search on the patient list or on the reading worklist.

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