Note Options – the Note button appears on the Pre-Exam alerts the Radiologist of a note creation for the same time or greater than the exam time by changing the button note message to Notes-Yes. As an option, the note system can be configured to automatically display notes on the Pre-Exam screen by category type and the number of days prior to exam when the note was created. This option can be activated by workstation or for the enterprise. Contact our Application Specialists to learn more.

The various categories of notes are:

D – Diagnostic – Log of diagnostic notes.
A – Administrative – Log of administrative notes – patient called, patient refuses, no show, etc.
H – Previous History Sheets – Snapshot of various demographic items plus; risk factors, previous exams, indicated problems, for the exam. As an exam is committed a history sheet is created automatically.
C – Complaints – Log of open complaints entered, as resolved note moves to resolved complaint category.
R – Resolved Complaints – Log of resolved complaints.
I – Imaging – Log of imaging notes entered.
P – Indicated Problems – Log of indicated problems notes entered.
M – Medical Risk – Log of Medical risk notes entered.
B – Breast History – Log of breast history notes entered.
L – Letters Sent – Log of letters sent to or on behalf of patient (appointment, exam, recall/reminder).
S – Scan/Imported Documents – offers storage and retrieval of imported images (scanned, bmp, wmf, etc.) and/or documents (PDF, word, etc.).
NCBC – Surveys – Log and access to complete and open patient collection forms to submit annual report to the National Consortium of Breast Centers. The NCBC report can be viewed via administrative report.
E – Exam – Log of exam notes entered (may contain exams outside of the system)
N – Navigators – Log and access to open and completed navigator planning and collection forms.
OF – Other Forms – Log and access to open and completed collection forms – releases, consent, etc.

PenForms option within (OF) section in notes – offers various electronic forms and informational handouts. Forms can be created and presented in various languages. Forms can be presented to patients on a wireless tablet with signature support, pre-populated with previous form data (auto-cloned) or data from the PenRad database, and provides the ability to update data fields directly from the form.

For example:

Email consent for exam and reminders letters (saving facility mail expense and delivery delay versus mail) see our PenConnect software. Also email provides alternate or primary distribution of patient exam results to physicians versus fax/mail, and supports automatic CCed to others.

Patient consent for release of priors and reports. Patient consent for biopsy. Patient HIPAA form.

Patient medical and risk forms (new patients, returning patients update existing information if applicable).

Documenting with patient signature that the patient received various informational handouts (a multi-page information packet is too time consuming on tablet, best to be reviewed as printed and take home to revisit).

Common document storage for printing handouts (limited formatting).

Feel you’re missing some of the advanced features available in PenRad? Schedule our Application Specialists to come on-site and work with your staff and radiologists and be assured you’re maximizing PenRad.

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