The AutoReader Companion is option available for facilities utilizing AutoReader (post-processing narrative report data extraction). Provides radiologist access during interpretation to prior imaging, procedures and pathology reports, current and historical medical and risk history, risk assessment computed values, pro-active PeerReview and exam resolution, all in compact display with bi-directional softcopy synchronization.

Offers efficiency, compliments workflow productivity, projects pertinent information versus accessing multiple systems to obtain or paper history sheets, when voice recognition utilized for narrative report generation.

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Left hand side – Projects summary of risk and medical history. Tap in window to view expanded detail.

Upper center – Breast diagram informs of clinical comments, surface and surgical abnormalities.
Tap on image for comment detail.

Center – Lists chronological breast history and reports. Tap on event to view complete report. Supports
pro-active exam resolution (noted by unresolved indicator), and PeerReview (noted by PR indicator).

Lower center – Displays clinical reason, tap to view historical. Informative exam description displayed.

Right side – Button panel provides access to demographics, imaging details, and ordering physicians.

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