Confirmation of patient medical and risk history refreshed
Option was added to require for exam to be transferred to interpretation schedule that patient’s medical and risk factors were reviewed by imaging technologist. Contact Application Support to active option.

Sending patient history survey to PACS automatically option
Optional service can be activated to automatically on completion of patient history survey (aka patient history worksheet) send to PACS, either a PDF or image, without scanning the paper survey. During interpretation radiologist can review on softcopy display. Contact Application Support to active system and configuration.

Sending patient result letters automatically to patient portal option
Patient letters and exams available as encapsulated PFDs, as well as file path for HL7.
This allows results for patient via patient portals.
For PACs, PenRad offers a service to attach exam and letter PDF to accession.
PenRad offers bulk printing PDF file for facilities using outside services for preparation and distribution.
Contact Application Support to active system and configuration.

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Reason for delay
Delay reason was added to insert statement into narrative report (left). This offers delayed exams types to be included, excluded or summarized for turnaround reports 3PP and 3T. To indicate reason, select from Delay Due To column via the Change Exam Type button (below).



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Preselection of comparisons
Option was added to automatically preselect comparisons to be referenced in exam based on date range as added to reading worklist. Saves time for radiologist/technologist. Each selected comparison can be deselected with a tap on the Comp column (left). For example, screening studies, preselect last 2 years. Contact Application Support to active comparison preselect.

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