The option was added to include custom patient messages into exam letters.

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Patient message is an option added to allow the insert of custom phrase into a selected patient exam result letter.

This allows for customization above automatic tissue density statement, risk factors statements, recall exam type, interval and targeted date information.

Message activation requires addition of a bookmark to each exam letter. Contact Application to arrange.

To insert message, tap the Patient Message button located on the approve screens (pictured below).

Patient Letter screen (pictured right) supports typing message, selecting from stored phrases and enhancement, and the ability to include various bookmarks in macros, for example {FirstName}.

See PenTip 131 Additional Functional Bookmarks for available bookmarks.

The Full Preview button on the detailed approve screen, the printed version of the report is displayed, plus the text of the selected patient letter, plus selected or entered patient message text.
If facility has expanded patient exam and recall letter templates to include more than English, letter text is display in patient’s preferred language. Patient letter message is as typed, no automatic language conversion.

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