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Hover feature on lists

To facilitate the request for expanded detail on various lists, hover was added to project the contents of a row in a panel in a vertical format, eliminating right scrolling list to view data.

By hovering mouse over the patient’s name, the contents are exposed.

For example, staff can immediately locate patient’s tablet access id when patient updating medical risk factors, consent, and or enrolling in email notification for results and reminders.


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Right click short-cuts and actions

Right click provides various strategic menu items access short-cuts and actions on patient’s name.
When menu is exposed, tap on action or access.

Short-cuts to various sections of the patient’s record items are provided, for example, risk factors, previous exams, form data and creation.

Actions such as radiologist assignment or status notification are also offered.

On reading schedule, facilities can add custom color enhancement notification features. Contact Applications Support to arrange.

Auto Next feature, for facilities where softcopy synchronization is enabled, automatically selects next study with imaged status for interpretation.

To use instead of selecting the first study to read (double tap or tap pre-exam button), instead tap the Auto Next button. As the study is approved the next available exam is automatically presented. Radiologist can apply various combinations filters and sorting to optimize reading (screening and sorting by tissue density).
By combining with PenRad’s AutoClone feature for mammograms, offers no click narrative report generation.

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