Exam Resolution Prompt Options

Various options are available to resolve prior unresolved exams. An exam is classified as unresolved when the recall interval was not a screening recall, implying patient is not in the screening category. Typical examples are, imaging exams with a BI-RADS 0, 3, 4, 5, 6 or biopsy exams awaiting pathology, or if pathology received and a 6 month follow-up as been assigned, or if surgical was recommended.

Typically an exam is resolved when patient returns for the radiologist’s recommendations. This can be done by the technologist during imaging or procedure, or by the radiologist during the exam for the recommendation. PenRad offers optional prompts for the radiologist during interpretation to proactively resolve the exam, while reviewing the report. Facilitates can designate a prompt to appear on start of interpretation to confirm recommendations are being addressed, or during the approval of the interpretation.

Auto Resolve Screening BI-RADS 0 Mammograms Option

Another option in combination with prompt options or as an exclusive is auto resolving. This option allows a diagnostic mammogram within 10 days after the screening BI-RADS 0 mammogram to automatically resolve the screening mammogram on the approve screen, confirming diagnostic completed.

Pro-active Exam Resolution

To have the pro-active resolve options activated, contact Application Support. Indicate prompt at start of interpretation and or at approve, and or if auto resolve screening BI-RADS 0 is desired.
One of the largest audit preparation tasks for facilities is the interruption of care, and exam resolution.
Pro-activity monitoring on weekly basis and resolving during exam, reduces audit preparation research time.
Distribution of research time from client base to prepare and resolve for audit.

  • Updating pathology results and statistics.
  • Screening only facilities where finalization is completed externally and requires collection to complete.
  • Is it the facilities desire to retain patient as client when externally worked up for annual screening afterwards.
  • Patients that do not return for recommended work-ups or 6 months follow-ups.

Multiple Methods To Monitor Non Compliance With Recommendations

1. Print Exam Resolution Letter button on Administration screen provides a screen offering ability to view and filter unresolved exams, record reason for resolving, and process letters to patient and physician.

2. Administrative reports 5A, 5G and 5H offer various filtering and workflow options. Idea for the radiologist to view patient compliance with their recommendations.

Sending Secondary Immediate Recall Letter

For unresolved immediate recall exams only, an option is provided to queue for distribution a follow-up letter after 10 days, if exam is not resolved. This offers another secondary resource for patient contact. Based on the typical client’s follow-up recall letter sequencing protocols, 3 sequential letters are produced 30 days apart until exam resolved. No letter generated if patient is on the worklist pending interpretation. A proactive stance is necessary to resolve immediate recall exams when patient returns, otherwise exam related follow-up letters will continue to be produced. Contact Applications Support to activate send immediate recall follow-up letters.

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